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Question of the month

What is the paradise all religions talk about?

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Spørgsmål og svar på dansk



New Dharmadoor

A new Dharmadoor is published in the "Texts" section of the homepage. Nukunu has written a new text called "Everything is a Function of your True Essence". To read the text:
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New YouTube Video

A new video has been published on YouTube. It is called "Three Chairs" and Nukunu explaines three different perspectives using three chairs. To watch the video please click here.


Nukunu’s Books now available as e-books on Amazon.

Nukunu’s books ”A Hare Has No Horns” and "Not Until You Die" are now available on Amazon as an electronic Kindle Edition. The books can be ordered here.
For more information about Amazon and the Kindle e-book publishing system click here.


New Training in Buddha Psychology

A new training in Buddha Psychology and Non-Dual Therapy (NDT) starts i August. This time it is held at Solhälla Kursgård, Svenshögen, Sweden. For more information click here.


Interview with Nukunu in "Buddha at the Gaspump"

Nukunu has recently been interviewed by Rick Archer in his popular talk show "Buddha at the Gaspump". You can see the whole interview on Youtube:
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DVD på dansk

There is now a new DVD with Nukunu in Danish - "At vågne op til frihed". Fonix will distribute the dvd with Nukunu.
More information here.


Zen Satori Event - a New Type of Intensive

This is a very intense structured process over a weekend where you work over two days with koans with different partners. Nukunu has worked with this structure before on his courses, but this is the first time he devotes a whole weekend course for this powerful process.

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Two New Books

There are now two more books with Nukunu for sale - "A Hare Has No Horns" based on questions and answers and a reprint of the "Words of Fire - Commentaries on the Gospel of Thomas.

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Mailing List

If you want regular information about Nukunu's activities e-mail to Nukunu at nukunu.youarethat@gmail.com
and you will be put on his mailing-list.




Welcome to Nukunu!

Man himself is truth!
In a moment of total presence, in a moment of silence,
in a moment of no grasping and rejecting - it is suddenly obvious.

It has been there all the time, silently waiting.
Truth is very respectful. It does not interfere. It can wait for eternity.
As long as we are busy “looking” for the truth, it waits until we are ready to dissolve and be it.

It is not a verbal, intellectual understanding; it is a shift in consciousness coming from the heart.
a change of reference point. Instead of living as a separate individual that is aware,
suddenly you realize that you are awareness itself.

Nukunu's Work

As a spiritual teacher Nukunu works both with individual sessions and groups. He has been working with therapy and meditation for the last 30 years and combines these experiences with his insights from different spiritual traditions. His work consists of:

  • Individual sessions in Non-Dual Theraphy (NDT), psykotheraphy and work with traumas.
    These personal sessions are in English or in Danish and are given both in Gilleleje, Denmark
    and in other places in Europe.
  • Satsangs and public lectures.
  • Intensives, residence courses and silent meditation retreats.
  • Here to Here - an ongoing group for people who have been with Nukunu for a longer time.
  • Longer trainings and educational programmes in Non-Dual Therapy, Buddha Psykology
    and Dharma Doors.
  • Sanga Meetings for people who have completed the NDT therapist training

More information about Nukunus activities can be found in the schedule ->

Nukunu and his Teachings

Nukunus basic teaching is "to be what is, as it is". In this simple understanding the mind stops fighting itself. In a moment of no fight, the truth reveals itself in its simplicity and purity. It is a wordless answer that silences the mind forever.

Nukunu was born in Denmark in 1947. He holds a Bachelor in Philosophy and a Master in Psychology. He has worked as a psychotherapist and given lectures on Gestalt, psychodrama, primal therapy, NLP and meditation for 30 years. Over that period of time he was a student of living teachers like Osho Rajneesh, Punjaji and and the teachers in Sacha Lineage tradition. After a radical awakening experience in March 1995 his work changed and he now became became focused on transmitting the non-dual through satsangs, intensives and retreats.

Read more about Nukunu and his background here

Nukunu's Invitation

The focus of Nukunus work is always to help people into the non-dual truth. Read his invitation here

Dharmatalks with Nukunu

Nukunu Portrait

In this very personal video Nukunu talks about his life, his background and about the experiences related to his own awakening.The film is recorded in and just around his home in the north of Seeland in Danmark, where he also teaches on a regular basis.

Three Chairs

June 2015 — Nukunu explains three different perspectives using three chairs.

Rest Into Your Doubt

02 Maj, 2008 — Nukunu guides a course participant to clarity using the notion of "You will never to be able to discover enlightenment.

Interview with Nukunu in "Buddha at the Gaspump"

23 November, 2014 — Nukunu is interviewed by Rick Archer in the popular talk show "Buddha at the Gaspump" on Youtube.

Note: This video clip is produced by Batgap, which is a non-profit organization, but sometimes there can be a small popup window with advertising at the beginning of the show.

Go into your Experiences

Nukunu talks on meditation and retreat 8 August, 2015

Nukunus Video Channel on YouTube

There are many more video clips with Nukunu on Youtube, where he now has his own channel . You will find it here:




Read Nukunu's Books


A Hare Has No Horns

This is Nukunus' latest book with the-sub title "Looking through appearances: questions and answers". The book is a compilation of questions and answers that have come up during satsangs 2009 - 2011. It covers a wide range of topics and gives a good picture of Nukunus' teaching.

For more info about the book click here


Words of Fire - Commentaries on the Gospel of Thomas

This is the second edition of Nukunus' commentaries on the Gospel of Thomas. In his commentary on the Gospel of Thomas, Nukunu discusses the text from the perspective of Advaita Vedanta. In this interpretation Nukunu points at the Non-Dual aspects of the teaching presented in the gospel.

For more info about the book click here

Not Until You Die

The book is a Nukunu's second book. It is about throwing and catching the ”ball of awakening” and it presents the different ways of approaching enlightenment that Nukunu teaches.

For more info about the book click here

This book is availiable as an e-book on Amazon and can be ordered here.


The True Rebellion

The book is a personal story about Nukunus own awakening as well as an invitation to the reader to identify and value his/her own experiences.

For more info about the book click here

This book is also availiable in Swedish (Den sanna revolutionen).

How to order the books--->

What is happening next?

More information about what is happening next is presented in Nukunus schedule which you can reach through the link below. You can always go here to see presentations of the different evets. The schedule is constantly updated with new activities.


Schedule with more info -->